puerto_mapHighlights: Small Town & Beach

  • Longest black sand beach on the island
  • Good year-round climate

Puerto Naos is located on the south-west coast and has one of the best beaches on the island which is formed from ground volcanic rock. It belongs to the Los Llanos community.

Puerto Naos was originally a traditional fishing village and is still fairly undeveloped and small but is a popular tourist area due to the beach and the climate. It’s located in one of the sunniest and warmest parts of the island and is therefore a popular winter spot too.

The town consists mainly of apartments and also has a few streets away from the beach offering restaurants, bars, cafe and shops.

Situated approximately 45 minutes from the airport, 20 minutes from Los Llanos and the Caldera De taburiente a further short drive away, it is a fairly good centre from which to explore.

The back esplanade is the landing point for two paragliding flight routes.

Villa Puerto Naos

Villa Puerto Naos is located on a cliff overlooking the famous beach of Puerto Naos and is within walking distance to the major shops and restaurants.