Outdoor Views La Palma has been compiled by two keen middle-aged walkers, travellers and budding photographers who love to explore new places and find a hidden gem ‘just around the corner’ every time.

Why the La Palma website?

Wanting to get the most from our La Palma holiday in February 2008, we searched for hours both online and in the library looking for information, maps and reviews on the places we hoped to visit and explore. All in all, this proved to be fairly unsuccessful and we were still none the wiser as we boarded the plane!

After a good two week break of mostly sunny skies, great experiences and a few mishaps along the way, we wanted to share our knowledge and thoughts on what we’d seen of the island in an honest, informative way.

Whilst our visit was some year’s ago, the island has not changed generally so we hope our website will provide good information to help you get the most from your trip. If you have any suggestions or comments on what we have so far or after your trip, please let us know.

Our main ‘Outdoor Views’ website (which we are hoping to expand soon) features information and honest reviews on UK destinations and hotels plus some more exotic locations.

Visit www.outdoorviews.co.uk for further details.

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