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La Palma day coach trips enable you to see the highlights of the island in comfort and with a knowledgeable guide. These popular trips range from low key island tours covering the popular areas to Caldera hiking trips with a guide.

The following La Palma companies offer a range of island tours:

You can also book tours through your hotel or travel agent in most cases.

Hints & Tips for Coach Trips

  • The coaches generally pick you up from your hotel or arrange minibus transport to the coach
  • You may need to take a packed lunch with you so check when making your booking
  • Bear in mind that in order to make the trips worthwhile, the coaches pick up and drop off passengers from a number of hotels and locations across the island. This can sometimes mean quite a long time sitting on the coach which is okay if you know what to expect. We went on a number of trips and this was generally not a problem except for one. The trip had an early start on a minibus to get to the coach, a late finish on the minibus again, hours actually on the coach and yet we only had a fairly short time at the actual place we were visiting! This was a bit ridiculous and we probably wouldn’t have gone had we known so just check when making a booking.
  • Aside from the actual places of interest, the coach trips also offered a good way to see the other resorts and hotels during pickups!