Tazacorte beach

Los Llanos – Tazacorte – Puerto Tazacorte

Details correct February 2008

Our route is circular (and long!), starting and ending at Los Llanos and is an enjoyable and varied walk that allows you to travel by foot as far as you want to. You can pick certain sections and travel by bus or car in-between or walk the whole distance as we did.

Please consult a detailed map for distances and actual routes.

Starting Point: Los Llanos Bus Station
Facilities: Car parking, bus station, toilets, shops, cafes & bars, beach
Walking Notes: Good, gentle roadside footpaths throughout the towns. A fairly long but gentle slope from Tazacorte to Puerto Tazacorte. Puerto Tazacorte promenade level, pleasant and easy. Puerto Tazacorte to Los Llanos through the banana plantations is on a steep rugged path and hard work!

Our starting point is from the bus station in the town of Los Llanos.

How to Get There

We arrived by bus from Fuencaliente but you can get to the Los Llanos bus station easily by foot, car, bus or bike.

Part One – Los Llanos to Tazacorte

From the bus station, travel a short distance in an easterly direction to the Plaza de Espana and spend some time looking around the beautiful church and the square which has open air cafes and shops along the various roads that meet in this area. I loved it here!

Once you’ve had a look around the town, there are several options to continue onto Tazacorte by foot. We travelled in a southerly direction until meeting the main road, Carlos Fransisca Gazmira, crossed this and then travelled westerly and turned down G. Tague. The tourst information office is a few yards down this road on the left hand side.

When you reach the point where the road forks into different roads, consult your map as to which way you wish to take as there are a number of options available.  We took Calle Las Rosas which offered a shortcut through the banana plantations and then joined the main road into Tazacorte (LP-122). This route was good but there were a couple of dogs in the street plus some very loud, unseen barking ones which seemed harmless upon passing but intimidating all the same!

The main road into Tazacorte is good with a paved footpath all the way along. We saw some great bird of paradise and very unusual trees along this part of the route.

Follow the winding road in and once you reach the main Tazacorte plaza, there is a very good supermarket there with toilets just inside the main door. This is a great opportunity to stock up on drinks and snacks for the rest of the route if need be. From the plaza, head straight down towards the sea and bear right where you will come across a very pleasant seated area overlooking the banana plantations and the sea beyond. There are some lovely coloured traditional balconies here too.

There is an interesting area with a museum, statue and old-style buildings in the banana plantation area below the seated area which is accessible by Calle Miguel de Unamuno and eventually leads down to a high coastal path with opportunities to see birds of prey and good sea views via the plantations. You’ll need to back-track to the main road again to continue onto Puerto Tazacorte.

Part Two – Tazacorte to Puerto Tazacorte

Once leaving Tazacorte, follow the LP-122 towards Puerto Tazacorte which is a pleasant and well signposted route. The main road zig-zags quite a few times but look out for the shortcuts via steps which cut out many sections and make the walking route shorter and easier.

At the end of the descent, you’ll reach the main promenade of Puerto Tazacorte which has a few cafés and ice-cream shops with the port entrance behind. The promenade then leads to a fine volcanic beach with a number of bars, cafes and restaurants all colourfully painted and within a small area. The beach has a children’s play area and seemed to be very popular with families and visitors alike.

Part Three – Puerto Tazacorte back to Los Llanos

We made our way out of town towards Los Llanos on Av Taburiente which follows the route of the river, passing by a lovely white church on the left and small cafe’s on the right. Just after the last of the cafes, the next point of the walk is either to cross the river at a suitable (and safe) point or walk along the road back to Los Llanos de Aridane.

At this point, we had a lot of trouble figuring out whether this was the way we were supposed to be going but a very lovely Spanish farmer crossed the river from the other side ladened with a large basket of bananas and after a lot of pointing at the map and some attempted Spanish, we finally felt satisfied that this was the route to take and crossed the river without getting wet boots! He also gave us a bunch of lovely fresh bananas too.

Once on the other side, you’ll need to find the path through the banana plantations which is easy once you’ve found it but hidden well at the start. The trail can be seen with a wall and bananas trees to the left and right. Take the trail through the banana plantations and you’ll start the gradual ascent which gets steeper as you go but the views from the hills are great.

If crossing the river is not an option, continue along the main road up towards Los Llanos de Aridane but the trail is definitely the preferred route due to traffic on the roads and it offers a shorter route.

From the trail, you’ll cross and walk up a few parts of the road so keep a look out for the trails instead of taking the longer road route where possible, just keep heading east. This part of the walk is by far the most testing for both the walker and the map reader so allow plenty of time to complete the last part from Puerto Tazacorte to Los Llanos. The track is steep!

Eventually you’ll meet a small tarmaced road which joins the main road which then takes you on a steady run back into the town of Los Lllanos from where you began many hours ago!

There are toilets near to the bus station in various cafes and bars if the station facilities are closed.

Honest Reviews by Outdoor Views

Firstly, this was a LONG walk! Despite thinking we were never going to make it up the final hill and that we’d miss the last bus home, we really enjoyed our own route which offered variety all the way along and was relaxing and enjoyable apart from the last final hike back to Los Llanos. The towns were all lovely and quite varied and it was great to see them at our own pace which you can’t do on an organised trip. I loved Los Llanos and could have spent longer there had we had the time.

The final hike up the hill was hard work but good all the same. I am not superfit but managed it, despite the boiling hot weather in February so I would recommend a good sunhat, strong suntan lotion and plenty of water if trying this walk at any time of the year. It was really hot the day that we walked!

We caught a late bus back to Fuencaliente as the walk upwards took longer than anticipated so bear this in mind if you have to get back to the bus station in time and always find out when the last bus home is. Although the bus station was open till late, for some reason they close the toilets so we went into the nearest bar to use the facilities and freshen up before our bus ride home.

All in all, a great day out and about exploring at our own pace with some adventure and we did sleep really well at the end (or should I say collapsed in a heap)!